Tarot & Oracle Readings

Clarity and insight to your life's most pressing 




Contrary to popular belief, Tarot and Oracle cards are not about telling the future, magic, reading people's minds, or any of those common misconceptions.


They are an age-old form of divination that combines the insights of the reader and the thoughts of the client to create a powerful conversation that is guided by imagery, energy, and intuition.


As your reader, I will listen to your story, read your energy, and ask powerful questions while shuffling the cards and pulling whatever flies out. 


I will then interpret the symbolism in the cards to give you insight while channeling any other messages that come to me through the imagery.  

Career & Finance

Ask and learn about your work, career path, financial situation, and more....

Love & Relationships

Gain insights into your love life, specific relationships, old and new, and lessons you need to learn to find love 

Personal Development 

Look at your current situation, ask for advice on how to develop your self internally and externally

Spirituality, Angels & Guides

Past lives, Karmic Lessons, Spirit Guides: what do you need to learn from higher-source consciousness?



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