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My Name is Brennan Lagman, Intuitive Life Coach, Healer & Guide.

I empower Healers, Intuitives & Lightworkers to access a life of greater spiritual clarity, soulful purpose, and energetic alignment.

Let me guess how things are in your life right now...


Do you feel like you were born with unique healing gifts, psychic powers, or intuitive insights, but feel imprisoned by life’s struggles?


Maybe you find your inner light that once beamed brightly steadily dimmed by your unfulfilling life? 


Or perhaps you find yourself stuck in brutal, never-ending cycles of feast & famine, push & pull, heal & hurt in your career, relationships, or community?

I can totally relate because that was exactly how my life was 4-years ago.

I experienced a major upheaval when I came out of the closet and lost my religion in 2016. I quickly went from being a meditation leader and spiritual guide on top of the world to rock bottom. 


Freshly hurt and vulnerable, probably a lot like you, I shrunk myself in order to survive. Many parts of me died, and I felt powerless. 


I lost my light. 


I lost sight of my buzzing potential. I could no longer see how to share my special insights and gifts with the world.


It was tough, but thankfully, I managed to turn things around! 


Last year, I made the brave decision to invest in an awesome Coaching Accreditation course, and with the use of the powerful coaching techniques I discovered along with deep inner spiritual work, I finally healed.  


Now, I combine my 11-years experience as a spiritual healer & guide along with my incredible intuition and coaching skills to guide you to activate your innermost gifts and emerge as the highest vibrational & energetically empowered version of yourself.

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How Your Life will Transform with Intuitive Coaching…

Where the mind fails, intuition thrives. Intuition comes from your inner awareness. It is the vast subconscious ocean of primal and ancestral instinct. It is the subtle wisdom of your vibrant being. It is the source of your burning fire and unique frequency, and it is powered by your inner spiritual consciousness. 


Imagine how your life would change if you could uncover and sharpen your unique intuitive gifts to suddenly catapult yourself to heights you never imagined?


With My Help You will be able to:

  • Expand and greatly deepen your personal meditation practice for inner clarity and energetic resilience 

  • Bring incredible clarity to the challenging circumstances that throw off the energies in your life

  • Break recurring patterns of toxicity, trauma, or struggle in your relationships and situations

  • Align with your spiritual life path and soul’s purpose in this special earthly journey

  • Activate and strengthen your  exceptional innate intuitive powers and healing gifts

  • Tap into higher realms of awareness wherein you can connect with your ancestors, angels, and guides who are always looking after you

  • Cultivate a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment & soul connection within yourself.

You Will No Longer Have To:

  • Wonder what your sacred life’s mission is and how to best align with it.

  • Face aggravating cycles of feast and famine thanks to your own self-limiting beliefs and deeply entrenched fears.

  • Falsely believe your intuitive strengths are mediocre because of constantly comparing yourself to others

  • Endure the unsatisfying hunger of your malnourished spirit wandering aimlessly through a mundane adult life

  • Get Dragged down by internal and external blockages and challenges because they overwhelm you tremendously and zap you of your willpower to ascend.

I Can Help!

But before we jump into the 'how' part, let me start by saying that, contrary to popular belief, you, beautiful Human Bean, are all kinds of magic.


Yes, I said it — Magic. But not the rabbit-in-a-hat kind. I’m talking about the real, tangible, living magic that circulates the cosmos. It is that buzz living inside of you as a thirst for meaning, connection, awareness, and purpose.  It is your own unique, inner creative fire; your free spirit pushing you to remove what is blocking your greatness and expand your mind, body, and spirit to meet the world as your most elevated self.


What Is an Intuitive Life Coach?

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I use traditional coaching methods alongside my intuitive gifts to guide, encourage, and uplift you to activate that highest vibrating potential hidden within. 

Like traditional life coaching, I use a client-led process designed to help you articulate your visions and goals and remove blockages to achieve them.  But, while much life coaching is focused mostly on the external world and your mindset, the intuitive highlights your inner world and knowing from beyond the mind.

While the mind is the source of mental knowing, it is full of blindspots which can only take you so far without running into problems. Where the mind fails, intuition thrives.


Intuition comes from the awareness that exists beyond the mind. It is the subconscious, instinctual, and subtle sensory intelligence of your being. It is the source of your fire, motivation, and creativity and is powered by your inner spiritual consciousness.


In Other Words, I am...

  • A experienced spiritual guide

  • An energetic healer

  • A spiritual activator

  • A medium who divines intuitive insight

What I am Not...

  • A Guru or Theologian. I am not here to tell you what, how, or whom to believe in. That is the job of your Intuition

  • A therapist. Although healing and trauma work is an aspect of my practice I am not a professional psychologist or therapist equipped to provide therapy.

  • A friend. Although it is natural for us to become comfortable with each other, it is important to maintain a professional working relationship to do my job effectively.  


What Can I

Help You With?

  • Finding and aligning with your soul purpose and life path

  • Releasing imbalanced energies keeping you from ascending in your practice

  • Finding greater clarity into the lessons the Universe is communicating through experiences and encounters 

  • Releasing energies of past life, intergenerational, and current life traumas

  • Gaining greater clarity via intuitive & Spiritual modalities such as tarot and oracle readings, vibrational and energetic healing, breathwork, mindfulness, Kundalini awakening and more.

  • Tapping into and enhancing your own psychic, vibratory, and intuitive gifts

What to Expect

Working With Me

I make you central to my work. Thus every session is customized to be most beneficial to where you are at. You are unique, so we will co-create a program that works for your lifestyle and energy frequency. There is no one-size fits all approach to intuitive life coaching, so I use my coaching techniques and intuition to continuously evolve our sessions to match your progression. 


We meet in weekly and Bi-weekly one hour client-led sessions where I ask and listen to you speak. Each session includes any necessary modality (rites and rituals, channeled messages, Tarot, etc.) that we agree to be necessary to deepen your growth and understanding.


Most sessions include:

  • Writing Reflections

  • Guided meditations

  • Journaling

  • Energy Work

  • Assigned Skills, Prompts, and techniques to practice outside of our calls

As a Mixed-Race, Black, Fillipino, Native American and proud Queer member of the LGBTQIA community, I am dedicated to creating an open, non-judgmental, and safe space for clients regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other social locations.



During the free discovery call, I will get a sense of who you are, where you're at, and what you are looking for. Only then will I be able to get a sense of how and if I'll be able to be of service to you. From there we will work together to co-create a coaching experience that vibes best with you. 


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