Chakra Alignment &Energy Healing

Tap in and feel, understand,  and heal your vibrant subtle system of energy. 


What is the "Subtle System"?

The Subtle System, is a term coined by Her Holiness, the late Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of the Sahaja Yoga movementwho's teachings inform a great amount of my work, although I am neither a member of her religious following nor do I strictly follow her methodologies. It refers to a system the subtle spiritual energy that corresponds to our central nervous system and is replenished through Khundalini Activation.


Most modern science sees the body on a purely physical level. It looks at the finite parts of the body that are physically measurable, neglecting the infinite parts that are beyond the scope of the 5-senses.


Despite this blindspot, the energetic/vibratory and spiritual nature of the human body has actually been explored and described across human space-time. Popular schools of thought include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, the chakra system, and that which I am most familiar with, the subtle system, which incorporates the rising of the kundalini energy.



You and your amazing body are literally magic. From your outward physical appearance all the way down to your molecules and atoms, you are an energetic, being of matter, light, and vibrations. Your body is an intricate and perfectly designed instrument created to receive and emit energy in many forms.

In energy work sessions, I use my powerful healing energy to feel the state of your energetic system, relay and interpret the information I am feeling, and help to heal and restore balance by removing blockages and strengthening the healing flow of your innate spiritual frequency.

How does it work?

This "subtle system," corresponds with the central nervous system and a Sahaja Yoga Version of the Chakra system, which includes different colors and qualities than those in the classic chakra system.

Similar to Reiki, the hands are very important in this kind of work. As you can see in the diagram, there are three energetic channels, and each chakra is connected the hands, feet, and head. With a developed sensitivity, one can actually feel the state of their chakras in their hands, and can also tap into the energies of other people. 

I use the energetic awareness in my hands to feel your vibrations, understand where you may have over or under activity, and where there are blockages. I then use my hands in different ways to help remove the blockages. Once I feel more balanced, I move on to the next blockage until the system is flowing as best it can at the moment. 

Because this type of work is on a vibrational level, it can take place regardless of time-space. You can be thousands of miles away and feel the same benefits as if you were in the same room as me.


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