• Interested in cultivating an effective meditation practice but overwhelmed by the vast pool of meditation 'stuff'out there?

  • Fatigued from overactive thoughts, emotions, and a hectic lifestyle and unable to retreat and recharge?

  • Tried different techniques but still havent found something that resonates as both deeply personal and profound?


Let me be your guide!

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What Is Meditation Guidance?

As a guide, my job is to to provide you with the practical tools, knowledge, and awareness needed to navigate the vast and varied landscape that is modern meditation. 


As someone who has used meditaiton to overcome deep childhood trauma, work my way out of poverty, manage and excel in my work and education and radically heal relational wounds; I know the lay of the land.


My job as a guide is not to present you with something profound that you cannot find elsehwere, nor to give you something you don't already have. 

My job is to guide you to your self. To act as a mirror who

Your self is the source of everything you need to have a meditative experience.


In Other Words, I am...

  • A Spiritual Guide

  • An Energetic Healer

  • An intuitive Activator

  • A Great Listener

  • An accountability Partner

  • A co-creator of goals, plans, and visions

  • A powerful Questioner

  • A medium who divines intuitive Insight

  • Someone who will bring out your best and push you to succeed

What I am Not...

  • A Guru or Theologian. I am not here to tell you what, how, or whom to believe in from a cosmological, spiritual, or religious perspective.

  • A therapist. Although healing and trauma work is an aspect of my practice I am not a professional psychologist or therapist equipped to provide therapy.

  • A friend. Although it is natural for us to become comfortable with each other, it is important to maintain a professional working relationship to do my job effectively.  Thus, I cannot be available 24/7, nor give freebies and discounts because we get along.


What Can I

Help You With?

  • Finding and aligning with your soul purpose and life path

  • Starting a personal meditation journey, or enhancing and deepening an established practice.

  • Releasing the oppressive energies of insecurities, fears, and doubts

  • Reframin self-limiting beliefs into self-empowering ones

  • Empowering you to confront and release toxic emotions and thought patterns from your family history and trauma landscape 

  • Creating goal-oriented action plans to help elevate your meditation practice

  • Identifying and strengthening your life vision and helping you to manifest it as a reality

  • Exploring intuitive & Spiritual modalities such as tarot and oracle readings, vibrational and energetic healing, breathwork, mindfulness, Kundalini awakening and more.

  • Tapping into and enhancing your own psychic, vibratory, and intuitive gifts

What to Expect

Working With Me

I provide weekly and Bi-weekly one hour client-led sessions that include any neccesarry modality (meditaiton, Tarot, intuivie messages, etc.) that you feel is neccessary to deepen your growth and understanding, as long as within the alloted timeframe. Sessions often include assigned reflections, meditations, journaling, and practice of the recomended techniques outside of our calls to prepare you for the following sessions. 


I treat every client as a unique singularity, so we will co-create a program that works for you. Life and the unplanned is always happening, and clients show up in different energetic spaces. Thus, the most effective sessions are present focused than pre-planned. There is no one-size fits all approach to intuitive life coaching, so I use my coaching techniques and intuition to continuously evolve our sessions to match your progression. 

I strive to create an open, non-judgmental, and safe space for clients regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other social locations.


I beleive a coach is only as good as the conversation they create. That is why we start by talking and getting to know each other. During the free discovery call, I will get a sense of who you are, where you're at, and what you are looking for. Only then will I be able to get a sense of how and if I'll be able to be of service to you. From there we will work together to co-create a coaching experience that vibes best with you. 


Thuanh-Anh Pham,

Writer & Musician

Brennan has a wealth of knowledge and experience, he knows what's he's doing.
After having been guided through a deep meditation by Brennan, I came to know much more about myself. I left feeling more peaceful, more clear-minded and knowing the next steps I needed to take in my personal and professional life. I wholeheartedly recommend Brennan's services.


Raymond Brown,


Brennan was amazing. He really has a prophetic gift and is using it to help people get clarity. Our session was like a conversation. I am dealing with a lot internally and he gave me closure. He helped me realize the actions I need to take in order to get out of that mental state. He told me not to isolate myself. He gave me hope that the situation would improve for the better. He was so kind and really empathized with me I highly recommend Brennan.

Mary Nguyen,

Business Numerologist

Brennan is exceptionally gifted and his energy flowed so well with me during our sessions! I was struggling with inner turmoil and he helped me realize the most aligned path I needed to take to move forward with love and my career! His tarot reading and meditation session gave me such deep peace and he is very detailed about everything! I came in a bit lost and imbalanced, but came out in so much peace and light. I also noticed so much joy in his smile doing what he loves to do. Thank you, Brennan!!!

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