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Hi, I'm Brennan


I was put on this earth to help people like you elevate your consciousness, empower your spirit, and activate your intuition. 

I am here to use my unique strengths and insights to be a vehicle for your healing and spiritual development. It is my responsibility as an Intuitive professional to foster the spiritual expansion of clients because each of you are part of the human collective.


My Vision

A world of spiritually activated and empowered people elevating each other. 

My Mission

To empower people to step into a life of greater spiritual clarity, soulful purpose, and energetic alignment.

My Core Values

  • To help people live in their highest vibration

  • To demystify spirituality for the modern mind

  • To increase the space for holistic wellness in the world

  • To cultivate healing and break cycles of trauma, poverty, oppression and abuse

  • To be honest and have integrity

  • To be of service for People of Color, Black People, Indigenous, and other marginalized groups

  • To work on my self harder than I work on others

  • To honor and make space for different perspectives

  • To develop lasting connections with clients, customers, and kindred spirits

My Story

In 2010, after hitting a drug and depression filled rock bottom, I began the life changing spiritual journey that has brought me here today.


I discovered a simple yet powerful technique of meditation that awakened my spirit and intuition from a deep slumber. I discovered a magical world of potent spiritual energy, ancient wisdom, intuitive insight, and the power to heal others.

Once my spirit was activated, I was able to transform my life completely, healing deep wounds, riding a lasting wave of inspiration and energy, and going from a homeless College dropout to an honored graduate from an elite University.

I was so inspired to share this gift of spiritual awakening with others, that I travelled the world and led workshops, lectures, and courses teaching meditation to thousands of people, helping them tap into their spiritual instrument.