Hello, I'm Brennan Lagman

Mindset & Meditation Coach

  • Do you feel stuck in patterns of self-limiting behaviors that you can't seem to break free from?


  • Do you feel burdened by emotions and energies that block you from achieving your goals?


  • Or perhaps you feel ready to level up in your life but don't know which direction to go.

Then I am here to empower you with meditation, mindfulness, and coaching techniques to help you master your mindset and go after your greatness.

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My Name is Brennan Lagman, Meditation & Mindset Coach.


I help people use meditation and mindfulness to clear internal blockages and achieve their goals.


With my help, you will calm your mind, body, and spirit and release negative emotions and thought patterns keeping you from living the life that you want. 


As a Level-4 IAPC&M Accredited Coaching Master with over a decade of experience as a Spiritual Healer, Mentor and Guide, I call upon a variety of intuitive modalities to help you find clarity, heal, release and reactivate. 

Meditation & Mindset


Illuminate your intuition and activate your greatest spiritual potential.

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Perspective and clarity for your most pressing questions

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing

Understand, enhance, and heal your vibrant subtle system of energy. 

Sacred Rites &


Tap into the magic of Sacred Ritual to empower your undertakings



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